CHS Students To Put On ‘High School Musical’

CHS Spring Production of Disney's 'High School Musical'

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The CHS Drama Club has been working hard for the last 2 months to prepare for this year’s annual spring musical, “Disney’s High School Musical: On Stage” The show is based on the 2006 Disney Channel Original Movie “High School Musical”, which has become a nostalgia inducing film for many Cody High School students.

The musical will be performed Thursday, March 22 and Friday, March 23 at 7:00 at Wynona Thompson Auditorium, with an additional matinee performance on Saturday, March 24 at 2:00.

“High School Musical: On Stage” follows shy new girl Gabriella Montez and star basketball player Troy Bolton who fall in love during a New Year’s Eve karaoke session before discovering they now attend East High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Much to the dismay of their friends, Chad Danforth and Taylor McKessie, and to the dismay of resident drama goddess Sharpay Evans, and her twin brother Ryan, Gabriella and Troy decide to break the status quo and audition for the school musical. The show focuses on important messages for high schoolers such as first love, friendship, cliquism, and being true to one’s self.

The musical is similar, but very different, to the original film. Unlike the film, the musical features 19 songs, ranging from fan favorites from the original film like “Bop to the Top,” “Breaking Free,” and “We’re All In This Together,” and new, exciting numbers such as “Cellular Fusion” and “Counting On You.” The musical introduces more scenes for Ms. Darbus, the overzealous but big-hearted drama teacher, Troy and Gabriella, and Ryan and Sharpay Evans to grow and change in natural character developments. A new character, Jack Scott, the EHS announcer, is a new addition to the show as well. “High School Musical: On Stage!” also places a larger emphasis on the chorus of East High Students, with 7 cast dance numbers, and 15 songs featuring the large chorus.

The show is the second this school year for the CHS Drama, following Our Town, this year’s annual fall play. “The mood is totally different” senior Ruby Woods, CHS Drama Club President, said. “ In Our Town, we were going for every little detail to wrench emotion. ‘High School Musical is light and fun, and even though there’s teen drama, the message is that ‘We’re All In This Together.”


CHS High School Musical Cast List


Troy Bolton… Spencer Stalcup

Chad Danforth… Jake Sandvik

Zeke Baylor… Garrett Winkler

Jason Cross… Jasper Mork

Wildcat Cheerleaders… Lawren Johnson, Rebecca Lipps, Alyssa Christensen, Kathryn Williams

Additional Jocks… Porter Lang, Baily Ennist

Central High Broncs… Alex Evans, Jonas Mickleson, Taylor Robinson


Gabriella Montez… Trisha Tamblyn

Taylor McKessie… Kirsten Hull

Martha Cox… Aili Roberson

Jack Scott… Kavan Johnson

Kratnoff… Luke Campbell

Additional Brainiacs… Maddalynn Motsch, Kes Stalcup, Mercedes Saechao


Sharpay Evans… Brynja Stalcup

Ryan Evans… Ben Wambeke

Kelsi Nielsen… Skylah Bree

James…. Andy Scott

Susan… Courtney McVey

Cathy… Ellie Wooden

Ellen… Samantha Bogardus

Cyndra… Courtney Blethan

Additional Thespians… Ruby Woods, Emmalee Beardall, Liberty Lang


Ripper… Ethan Walton

Mongo… Megan Beardall

Additional Skaters… Harmony Hagar, Kathryn Williams, Emmalee Beardall, Liberty Lang


Ms. Darbus… Lucille Sax

Coach Bolton… Ira Mickelson

Karaoke MC… Mercedes Saechao

Ms. Tenny… Ruby Woods

Backstage/ Tech Crew:

Stage Managers… Kyle Jacobs, Jordon Nelson

Assistant Director… Ruby Woods

Props… Cody Hume, Kyle Jacobs, Morgan Rosado

Costume Design… Courtney McVey, Ben Wambeke

Lights/Sound/Ops… Ethan Walton, Hudson Oelschlager, Meg Burkhart

Backstage… Morgan Rosado, Cody Hume, Meg Burkhart, Jaiden Feild

Hair/ Makeup… Simona Wambeke, Betta Paganini

Choreographers… Emma Heydenberk, Lucille Sax, Ben Wambeke, Jake Sandvik

Director… Bethany Hamilton Sandvik