Make-A-Wish Week Kicks Off with Assembly

Photos by Ruby Woods

CHS Student Council started Make a Wish Week with a Disney dress up theme and an assembly featuring past Wish Grantees and fundraisers for this year.

Sami Gray, Kaitlynn Parker and Skylah Bree presented video and information on their journeys with Make-A-Wish. Gray received a pony named Snow; Parker traveled to Hawaii to swim with dolphins; and Bree went to Scotland for her eighth birthday to see the Loch Ness monster, Nessie.

Student Council passed around jugs for students to donate change or bills in their pockets, and they auctioned lunch dates with different students.

The highest bidders must buy their dates lunch and pay their fee by Friday. The auction winners were:

Brandon Mead bought Caleb Murphy for $10

Ira Mickelson bought Jon Sanchez for $13

Kaden Shirley bought Ira Mickelson for $100

Jada Woodward  and Jayde Larsen bought Carson Heath for $26

Neil Markert bought Skylar Bree and Samantha Gray for $100

Wren Bruce and Rhiannon Jones bought Hailey Egger and Breydon Sankey for $60

Ben Gregrory bought Kavin Johnston for $60

Skylah Bree bought Reese Romero for $125

Skylah Bree bought Nathan Hunt for $80

Cole Crawford bought Matthew Skinner for $110