Make A Wish Week Schedule and Activities

Make A Wish Week Schedule

Make A Wish Week Activities:

Make-A-Wish week starts Monday, March 19 and runs through Friday, March 13. To kick off the week, there will be a Dodgeball tournament Monday at 6:00 pm at Cody Middle School. The tournament will pit Cody High School against Powell High School to start off the first ever Cody Versus Powell Make-A-Wish week.

Dodgeball teams should consist of six to eight people and must be created and signed up by Friday, March 16. The cost of registration is 15 dollars per team. Sign up and waiver forms can be found in the CHS Attendance Office.

Tuesday, March 20 there will be ice-skating in the Riley Arena at 6:30 PM. Wednesday there is a street fair in the CHS mall for lunch, and there will be a Street Carnival in Powell at 6:30 PM. Lastly, the Neon Dance will be hosted at the Powell Fairgrounds on Saturday from 8:00 to 10:00 PM.


Make A Wish Week Dress Up Day Schedule: