Broncs win Sportsmanship Award in Swimming

At Wyoming Boys 3A State Swimming and Diving over the 15 and 16 of February, the Cody Broncs fielded a small team with three relay teams and three state qualifiers.

Porter Laing finished 7th out of 9 in diving, Anbo Yao finished 15th out of 15 in the 200-Individual Medley and 23rd out of 24 in the 100-yard Butterfly, and Luke Campbell finished 20th out of 24 in the 100-yard Butterfly.

Porter Laing was last in diving at the close of the first day.

“I thought that my first dive was easy and I didn’t think about it,” said Laing. “I over rotated and I messed up. I was able to come up two places by the end so that was cool.”

The relays finished 11th out of 12 in the 200-Medley Relay. The team was comprised of Max Peters, Anbo Yao, Luke Campbell and Porter Laing. The 200-Freestyle Relay, with Luke Campbell, Christian Eissinger, Porter Laing, and Anbo Yao, finished 9th out of 12. The 400-Freestyle Relay, comprised of Ethan Walton, Trevor Freyder, TC Hansen and Nakoa Brown finished 10th out of 11 teams.

Coach Jason Koperski gave the team an opportunity to change the swimmers in the 400-Freestyle relay to possibly place higher, however, the Broncs decided to keep the original lineup so everyone had the opportunity to swim the final day. Knowing they would not place well, the Broncs cheered for the Worland team, and were given the Sportsmanship Award.

Koperski, a former Cody High School record holder, was thrilled about the Sportsmanship Award.

On the bus ride home Koperski told the swimmers, “Medals are cool for a few minutes, after that they get thrown in a drawer and forgotten about. I’ve got a closet full of them you can mess with them if you want, that’s all they’re good for now. But that award you guys won, you will always have it.”

Cody finished 10th out of 12 teams with 25 points; Lander Valley High School finished in first place for the 22nd year running.

Cody Times

200-yard individual medley: 15) Anbo Yao, 2:36.01.

100-yard butterfly: 20) Luke Campbell, 1:09.22; 23) Yao, 1:12.83.

1-meter diving: 7) Porter Laing, 252.55 points.

200 medley relay: 11) Cody (Max Peters, Yao, Campbell, Laing), 2:09:34 (finals, 10, 2:11.34).

200 freestyle relay: 9) Cody (Christian Eissinger, Yao, Laing, Campbell), 1:49.93 (finals, 10, 1:51.53).

400 freestyle relay: 11) Cody (Ethan Walton, TC Hansen, Trevor Freyder, Nakoa Brown), 4:30.97 (finals, 10, 4:33.16).

Luke Campbell