Nordic Crosses Finish Line In Laramie

Wyoming High School State Nordic Ski meet

Despite the blistering wind and chilling temperatures, the CHS Nordic Ski team competed at the Wyoming High School State Nordic Ski meet in Laramie, Wyo. on Feb. 23 and 24.

The team consists of seniors Bailey Ennist and Finn Jackson, junior Stephen Stowell, and sophomores Hayden Bronnenberg, Ian Townsend, and Dillion Romero. 

“State went well but it was really windy,” said Jackson, “It was worse compared to years past. Laramie is not as fun, the weather usually isn’t the best.”

Jackson placed 45th on Friday with a time of 20:12.9. Saturday he placed 51st with a time of 52:57.1.

“I didn’t place as high as I would have hoped or as high as last year. It was still really fun,” said Jackson.

In nordic skiing, there are two different styles of skiing. In classic skiing, the skis remain parallel and the skier uses momentum to glide forward. In skate skiing, which became popular in the 1980’s, similar to ice or roller skating, the skis are turned outward to pick up speed.

On Friday, the race was a 5-kilometer Freestyle where the skiers could skate ski or classic ski, while the Saturday race was a 10-kilometer Classic race.  

Ennist and Romero are new to the team this year, the rest are returning members.

“They’re good they got right into it. The bad weeds got weeded out, but for the most part, they did very well,” said Jackson.

Nordic has a long season usually clocking in at four months. It also has one of lowest amounts of participants. This season has been the first without girls.

Jackson has been a part of the Nordic team since eighth grade. He plans to continue skiing but not competitively.

“It’s the end of high school nordic, but it’s not the end of nordic,” said Jackson.

Boys Varsity-

Friday: 45, Finnegan Jackson, 20:12.9, 51, Dillion Romero, 20:37.8, 62, Stephen Stowell, 22:16.1, 63, Ian Townsend, 22:17.9, 68, Bailey Ennist, 23:51.9

Saturday: 51, Finnegan Jackson, 51:57.1, 55, Hayden Bronnenberg, 54:18.1, 56, Stephen Stowell, 54:22.3, 58, Dillion Romero, 55:14.2, 62, Ian Townsend, 1:04:56.2, 63, Bailey Ennist, 1:06:09.3