Wanted: Circuit Readers


The Cody community has found infinite ways to come together, and one of the most beloved among community members is the Circuit Readers.

The Park County Library has recruited volunteers to read books to children in daycares and preschools in Cody for more than ten years. Holly Baker has been a coordinator for the program.

We found that were missing a whole bunch of kids in town that can’t come to the library because of seat belt restrictions,” said Baker, “the daycares can’t bring them here so we wanted to get the library out to them.”

The library recently asked the Cody community for new volunteers and according to Baker, she added multiple members to the team.

“I don’t have a need for readers at the moment, although if there were great people who offered, I’d start calling daycares and preschools,” said Baker. “At the moment we have more than we’ve had for awhile which is awesome.”

Volunteers are asked to read for 30 minutes a month but most volunteers like to do it more often.

“I don’t think I know anyone who only does it once a month,” said Baker. “They all want to do it more because they enjoy it so much.”

The Circuit Readers go to many of the daycares in town including Little Seedlings, A Step Ahead, and Little Explorers.  

“The volunteers have a lot of fun and they get to know the kids,” said Baker. “Daycares are thrilled.”