Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter, Unless You Take Action

Your Opinion Doesn’t Matter. Do Something

Your Opinion Doesnt Matter, Unless You Take Action

A CBS survey in 1998 found that 29 percent of its participants believed the generation after them would be better off than their generation, that 23 percent believed the next generation would be the same, and that 41 percent believed the next generation would be worse off.

This is 2018, and over the past 20 years morale and general satisfaction have dropped.

You go about your day. You live your life. You share your opinion with those who will hear it, and you complain to those who don’t want to listen. You may vote in elections, or teach your children the morals and beliefs that have led you to develop your opinions. You believe you have a competent mind. You believe your opinions matter.

The truth is they do not. Your opinion is inert.

Ranting to people about the new social injustice this week does not make you an activist, and telling people they are wrong does not make you right. Alienating people for speaking their opinion is not sticking up for what is right. It is preventing the free spread of thoughts, ideas and beliefs, and complaining about our administration is not stimulating conversation. It is cliché and useless.

The problems in this world need solving, but ranting and complaining have not been and never will be effective strategies of leaders, activists, innovators, or great thinkers. Our generation loves complaining about wrongs, but these good hearts and brains that complain are only vulnerable organs. They are useless without a body to protect and serve them. They need legs to move, a neck to stick out, and hands to take action.

Your opinion is inert until you use it to make a change.


Ways to make a difference

  1. Keep learning and continue to search for the truth.

  2. Be a peacemaker.

  3. Encourage others and build their self-esteem.

  4. Do something selflessly for another.