Dear Louie, Down in the Dumps Dog


Caitlyn Murray.

Sincerely, Louie.

Dear Louie,

I figured I should come to you due to the fact my problem has to do with my dog. My dog is eight years old and has lost all of his rambunctious energy. To any human, this may sound like a dream come true but to me, it shows that I’m not loving and giving my dog enough. So, please Louie help me cure this unfortunate case of puppy sadness and tell me what I should do for my dog! He deserves the best!

Sad Dog Owner

Dear Sad Dog Owner,

I’m glad you came to me with this pressing matter. I too can come down with some serious cases of puppy sadness every once in a while but this is nothing to be afraid of. Dogs have emotion and bad days but this is nothing a good treat and walk cannot fix! Most of the time when I’m really down in the dumps it’s just because I miss my owners! So, Sad Dog Owner, on this especially long weekend make sure to love as much as possible and give him lots of attention. Take him on long walks. Take him to the dog park. Give him extra treats I know I would appreciate this! Your dog will get over this just make sure to love him as much as he deserves. Also, he is not a puppy anymore this could be him just slowing down. Keep in mind your dog’s limits. Nevertheless love him unconditionally and he will become an extremely happy pup!