CHS’s New Classes For 2018-2019

New Courses for 2018-2019 Trimester Schedule


CHS has made several new courses available to students because of next year’s trimester schedule.

On Feb.15, students at CHS began the scheduling process for next year. Students were given a course catalog full of classes already available and classes that are brand new.  

The current, annual eight-class slots will be traded for 15-class slots. Instead of having four classes a semester, students will have five classes per trimester. This has created an opportunity for departments and teachers to create more classes because of the higher demand for them.

The trimester schedule will also eliminate A/B days, resulting, for one, in Advanced Placement classes no longer meeting every other day.

New Classes Offered at CHS:


Ornithology HATH

Anthropology/Primitive tools HATH

Earth Science HATH

Biology I: Ecology HATH

Biology I: Molecular HATH

Biology II: Natural History HATH

Biology II: Wildlife Management

Applied Physics HATH


Social Science

Native American Studies HATH

The Vietnam War HATH

Wyoming History HATH



Trigonometry HATH


Language Arts

Literature and the Stage HATH

Creative Writing HATH

Industrial Technology

Carpentry Cabinet Making HATH

Engineering Technology HATH

Alternative Energy HATH



Ag Welding HATH

Ag Facility Management/Design HATH


Business Technology

Social Media Marketing HATH

Intro to Accounting HATH

Intro to Quickbooks HATH

Sports Marketing HATH

Intro to Computer Science HATH

Family and Customer Service

Fashion Merchandising HATH


Physical Ed.

Dance Fitness

Social Dance

Life Sports Outdoor

Life Sports Indoor

Beginning Weight Training

Adv Weight Training


Sports Officiating


Journalism- New Media

Photography HATH

Adobe Certification HATH

Literary Magazine Design HATH


Fine and Performing Arts- Music

Guitar II HATH