Dear Louie, What To Do This Weekend

What Can I Do This Weekend?


Dear Louie,

We have a four day weekend coming up and I have nothing to do. All my friends are going off to a party, and I do not want to go. Louie, can you help me with some ideas on what I can do this weekend?


The Not so Interesting Friend

Dear Not so Interesting Friend,

You came to the right dog for advice this weekend. If I were you, I would probably go to the dog park. There are always fun things to do there, and I always meet new babes and get in my exercise. If you bring an awesome friend, maybe you could get in some bonding time by playing catch. If that doesn’t sound fun, you could get your favorite snack (I recommend those Lean Beef flavor Pup-Peroni treats) and lie down in front of the TV for hours watching the movie A Dog’s Purpose. That movie gets me in tears every time. My last suggestion for you is to go for a late night crouse. The perfect time to go out is when the air is crisp but not so crisp that your nose freezes. When you get in, turn on your favorite tunes and the most important part is to make sure that you roll down the window. I know it is tempting, but if you are driving, DO NOT stick your head out of that window. It will not end well. I hope my advice is helpful to you. Have a good four-day weekend.