Coffee and Tea for Andros

Coffee for Andros Island

Photos by Amy Gerber

Ten students going to Andros Island, Bahamas over spring break to learn about coral reef ecology are selling coffee and tea to help pay for the trip through Grounds for Change. The fundraiser offers coffee at $10 a bag and a box of 20 tea bags for $7.

Students completing the trip may receive three credits from Northwest College and one high school science elective credit in Tropical Marine Ecology. 

Mrs. Gerber, the sponsoring science teacher, likes the program because “the products support free trade (specifically a woman grower’s co-op in Peru), they are organic, and shade-grown which is important to the environment and specifically songbirds.”

Anyone interested in supporting the trip may order tea or coffee by Feb.7 through Mrs.Gerber or any of the students going on the trip .

Grounds for Change started 15 years ago, and Cody students started participating 12 years ago.

“Grounds for Change is amazing because it doesn’t just benefit whoever is fundraising, but it also benefits the communities that grow the goods and it is produced sustainably. It’s a program that is able to do a lot of good without any side effects,” said senior Emma Heydenberk.