CHS Musicians Represent at All-State

CHS Musicians at All-State

Seven students traveled to represent the CHS music program in an All-State performance Jan. 16. in Evanston, Wyoming.

The students were required to audition at the Cody Middle School Nov. 4 while being recorded. Choir students were required to prepare an audition constructed by the Vocal Chairperson of the Wyoming Music Educators.

“The audition contains, for each of the eight voice parts, two scales, a vocal exercise, two excerpts from the actual All-State Choir literature, and sight singing, which is singing an unfamiliar melody on sight,” said Choir Director Larry Munari.

This year, five of Munari’s students had the honor to attend. The two sopranos were seniors Skylah Bree and Trisha Tamblyn. Juniors Aili Roberson, Benjamin Wambeke, and Spencer Stalcup also made the honorable list.

“I was very proud of the entire choir of 172 voices that learned and performed, by memory, six difficult pieces,” said Munari.

The students traveled to Evanston, Wyoming and performed on Jan. 16.

“It was a great honor,” said Wambeke. “The choir director we worked with was both kind and very qualified. I walked away feeling more confident in my abilities than I ever have before.”

The band department was represented by senior trumpet player Duke Dickson and sophomore french horn player Porter Laing. Band director Wade French also represented CHS at the event.

The auditions for band students are similar to the choir auditions. The students have to play a variety of scales, etudes, and a sight reading.

“It takes a lot of preparation,” said French. “It [All-State] is a huge honor and very difficult to get in.”

This year, nearly every high school in the state was represented among the 150 All-State Band students.

“All-State music is a chance to rub shoulders with students from all over the state,” French said. “These kids come together for two days to learn very difficult music, work with nationally recognized directors, and perform for the state and parents.”

French is proud of their performance and how they’ve improved as individuals.

“They both have grown as musicians throughout the year,” said French. “They’re great musicians and examples to all our students.”