Pedro a close 2nd at Corgi Races

Corgi Races

Freshmen Gabbi Crum has a dog just like 85 million other families ( in the Nation, though Pedro, (Crum’s dog) has a hobby different than others of his kind. Pedro participates in annual Jake Russell and Corgi Races that take place in Cody, WY.

This year’s high energy Corgi Races were held on Jan. 19 at the Cody Auditorium. The Park County Animal Shelter puts on  the races to raise money and awareness. Pedro has participated in the event for two years.

“He is so fast, he is the fastest there. He just he just needs to get his head in the game,” said Crum.

Pedro joined last year because the race was dedicated to his litter.

“He got very close to winning, but he got distracted. He just loved racing, so we decided to enter him again this year,” said Crum.

This year, the outcomes for Pedro’s races didn’t change drastically.

“He got second place the first race because he wouldn’t go through the hay to win. In the second race, he got distracted again. He didn’t go through the hay. Third race, he just hung out by the start; he didn’t run that far,” said Crum.

The race track where the dogs’ race makes a U shape. The dogs start at one end, then run around, through the loop, to the other side. Once on the other side, the dogs must make it through stacked hay in order to place. The hay was stacked extra high this year due to him jumping over it last year.

This year Pedro had a minor obstacle to overcome.   

“In practice, the day before, he decided he had enough of the other dogs. He got into a fight with them and my mom didn’t like that. Pedro had to wear a muzzle for the actual race,” said Crum.

The dogs are chasing a toy pheasant in the race, so they run faster. While going through the hay most dogs pull and tug at the toy with their mouths. Pedro could not do this due to the muzzle.  

Surprisingly, the racing machine has other hobbies.

“He loves his grandma more than anything in the world. Also, he loves to work on the farm with my grandpa. He loves herding cows,” said Crum.

Pedro stays with his grandparents during the weekdays due to Crum’s families’ busy schedule and their living in Meeteetse.

Crum is planning on having Pedro race again next year.

“I’m just happy that I have a dog that is fast and that can race,” said Crum.