Speech Season Starts: Sophomores In Charge

Speech and Debate Season Starts


Finona Gallagher, Brook Deal and Elisabetta Paganini pose at a speech meet.

The Speech and Debate team differs from past years due to the low team count and young captains, but this does not snuff their spark. The team started practicing in early Nov., and their first meet was in Thermopolis on Dec. ninth. They will continue working hard until March when the season comes to a close. 

Sophomore and co-captain, Danny Deming, has enjoyed the season so far.

“I’ve done alright, I placed an exempt in Thermopolis’ meet, otherwise I’m still doing good,” said Deming, “We went to Billings, and of course Billings and Northwest have a lot of Montana teams come through so it’s not really hard for the Cody team with 10 people on it. We got crushed, but it’s to be expected. They’re good learning moments, and then when we go to state where it’s only Wyoming teams there, it gives us a real good cutting edge.”

The only two returning members are sophomores, Deming and Magnus Hiltz, who are sharing the position of captain. Teachers Stephany Anderson and Audra Morrow are the team’s two coaches. Graduated past member, Willa Donley is also helping out.

Sophomore Brook Deal who’s a new member enjoys her time in Speech and debate. She thinks it prepares her with skills necessary for her future. Initially, her dad made her join but she’s learned to enjoy it.

“My favorite thing is the bonding. We’ve all become a family,” said Deal

The responsibilities of the captains aren’t too heavy, according to Deming. It mostly includes teaching all of the freshmen.

“I feel like Captain-hood has really diminished its meaning at all events,” said Deming. “Captain-hood might give you more opportunities and responsibilities which is great. In general, I think coaches have started taking over more, and it’s the same for Speech and debate.”

Due to the small numbers it makes it easy for them to bond, and this causes meets to not be as intimidating. 

“Not everyone breaks into semi-finals or finals, and if someone does, they have a whole team to support them. That’s what Cody does really well. You’ll see kids sitting around playing games and having fun, but they’re not supporting their team in their rounds and that’s what we excel at; supporting our team members,” said Deming.     

Their upcoming events are Feb. 2-3 in Natrona, Feb. 23-24 in Greybull, Mar. 8-10 in Lander, Mar. 15-17 in Rock Springs.