CHS Bonfires’ Best Friends

Staff Best Friends

Moria Arthaurds dogs Kody and Jada.

Moria Arthaud.

Moria Arthaurd’s dogs Kody and Jada.

Chris Kalb

Kalb has two dogs: Rupert and Enzo. Enzo is a German short hair and Rupert is Jack Russell Dotson mix. Rupert loves naps, and Enzo loves cuddling.    

“They’re some of the stupidest animals you’ll ever meet on the face of this Earth, but they’re lovable,” said Kalb.

Rupert came from an animal shelter, and Enzo was originally just being fostered by Kalb and his family.

“They’re the reason I’m late almost everyday. They don’t want me to leave,” said Kalb.

Meleah Hicks

Four year old Zip and seven year old Bella are Hicks’ two dogs. Bella came from Casper and Zip is one of Bella’s puppies. The dogs are Red Heelers.

“Zip is so crazy,” said Hicks. “He just runs constantly and Bella is always around Zip, so she runs too.”  

The dogs love running any time they can. Eating is also a favorite activity. Despite all the running, Bella is the yin to Zips yang.

“Bella is so chill at times. She definitely chills out Zip when he needs,” said Hicks.

Mr. Riley

Puppy Belle is Riley’s only dog. The 8 month old is a Cody native.

“She’s the most lovey dog I’ve ever had,” said Riley. “She just thinks everyone’s going to love her.”  

The English Yellow Lab went on her first hunting trip recently and enjoyed it. She loves playing with other dogs like her sister Oakley.

“She loves to go walking with my wife, she’s really my wife’s dog, she’s taken her over,” said Riley.

Riley praised Belle for how smart and good she is.

“She doesn’t bark at all I’ve heard her bark once. She doesn’t scratch at the door she just sits and waits,” said Riley.

“She’s strong and very smart. I think she’s the smartest dog in the world,” said Riley.

Moria Arthaud

Kody and Jada are Arthaud’s dogs. Jada came from the Park County Animal Shelter, and Kody came from a person selling German Shepherd puppies.

“Kody used to be really energetic when we were in Virginia, and he also shed all the time. Then we moved here and he calmed down a lot. He’s just a little stud muffin,” said Arthaud “I always feel bad when I see Jada, because when the shelter found her she was on the side of a the highway alone as a puppy.”

Both of Arthaud’s dogs are fluffy and loveable.

“Whenever I get home, Jada’s always really excited to see me.” said Arthaud

Kody has a unique interest: he loves Arthuad’s cats and rabbit. Jada loves herding Arthauds horses.

“Kody is lazy, big, adorable and is very caring. Jada is very energetic. She’s loud and barks a lot. She’s cute and very sweet,” said Arthaud.

Brissa Mata

Charlie Brown is a German Shepherd Lab mix, and Pork Chop, (Chopper for short) is a Champion Black Lab.

“I rescued Charlie about six years ago from a home, and I don’t think he has many brain cells left from his experience,” said Mata. “We bought Chopper when he was a puppy for my sisters first birthday. He’s one and a half now.”

The dogs both love walks and cuddling.

“Chopper is very blissful, he’s a very happy dog. We’re very blessed to have him. He can be a bit much, but he’s just a big teddy bear that won’t sit still,” said Mata. “Charlie is just like an old man: he greets you at the door with a lot of energy and then lays down for the rest of the day.”

Caitlyn Murray

Caitlyn has two dogs. Eight year old boston terrier Wally, and three year old boxer Louie.

“They’re the best doggos in the entire world. I love them so much,” said Murray.

Wally loves sleeping and one other interesting hobby.

“He loves to lick people.” said Murray. “If my dad isn’t wearing a hat, because he’s bald, he just licks my Dad head.”

The dogs are both from Montana. Wally from Missoula, and Louie is from a Breeder in Billings.

“Wally is really grouchy he’s also kind of old, so he’s just a grouchy old man. Louie is the dumbest most loving ball of fur you’d ever meet,” said Murray.

Josh Perkins

Vinnie is a two year old Kelpie Australian Shepherd Mix from a farm in Powell.

“He’s hyper and always happy. Also he’s playful and loving,” said Perkins.

Vinnie loves tuggle war and forces Perkins to cuddle with him.

“He loves to cuddle a lot and he’s just so caring,” said Perkins

Ariauna Andrews

Nine year old Sugar is Andrews’ only dog. Sugar is a rat terrier mix, and came from a family friend.

“She doesn’t like having pictures taken of her,” said Andrews. “If you point a camera, a phone, or anything square shaped at her she freaks out and runs away.”  

Sugar got so scared once due to a camera she peed on Andrews.

“She’s so cute and hyper, very hyper,” said Andrews. “My cat and Sugar chase each other down the hall constantly, so she’s very playful and energetic.”