Why We Need Net Neutrality


The repeal of Net Neutrality is a big problem to all, young and old. To understand this violation of your first amendment, you first should know what Net Neutrality is. Net Neutrality prohibits big internet companies such as Comcast or AT&T from controlling the websites we use.

Now big companies such as Comcast or AT&T want to control the media we see and use today by repealing Net Neutrality. This is a complete and total violation of our first amendment which states that “Congress shall make no law … abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; ”

It also allows big companies to express their own political views only by blocking a political website or slowing down their competitors content capitalizing on their losses. The United States provides a free market and free competition so the ability to control how another possible competitor grows does not follow the standard America sets for free competition and free market.

This repeal also slows down the work of activists. If a company does not agree with the viewpoints of a movement such as Black Lives Matter they could prohibit the spread of information on the movement slowing or possibly stopping the movements impact on the internet. This also repeals our Freedom of Speech and Press rights.

The Bill already went through the Senate and the House, both approved it. The next step was Congress who also passed the bill. The last step is to go through Trump’s office, keep in mind that the FCC is a Republican led agency of the government so its very unlikely that Trump will deny the bill. The government is trying to take away your first amendment rights and we should be fighting back against it. If you would like to sign a petition to fight back against the bill visit Change.org, where you can use your civil rights to use your voice