Sleeping Giant Wakes Up


Courtesy of Sleeping Giant Ski Area.

The man who runs Sleeping Giant is about as far from a local as it gets. Jon Reveal is from California and has been skiing for 70 years.

“I was retired and looking for something to do,” said Reveal. “I was in New Mexico, and saw there was a little resort in Wyoming that needed a General Manager. I applied for the job, and I got accepted. That was six years ago.”

Sleeping Giant reopened after 30 years in 2009. It is a privately owned and operated resort now. Reveal says that he enjoys every second of managing Sleeping Giant.

“I ski it every day when it’s open. I’ll ski any terrain, and any type of snow. That being said, my favorite run is Stagecoach because it’s not groomed and you can ski it pretty fast,” said Reveal.

“Part of what makes it so appealing to me is that it isn’t part of a massive conglomerate,” said Reveal. “It honestly reminds me of where I’m from.”

Sleeping giant has low lift ticket prices for a ski lodge. Donors keep the mountain running with new equipment, and help to pay for the snow machines.

“The prices are reasonable. It’s ridiculous that a family of four can go skiing for a day and spend upwards of $500,” said Reveal.

“We have a lot of very generous donors,” said Reveal. “Without them we couldn’t operate. We also have a dinner in April or May where we get alot of our funds for the year.”

Two years ago a summer zipline was installed on the mountain. With the zipline, Sleeping Giant is continuing to make money in the summer months. In addition to the mountain making money, employees can now be hired for both winter and summer. This saves them the hassle of training and hiring back an entirely new staff every winter.

“We have finally started earning money, we don’t lose money in the summer anymore.”

Sleeping Giant opens for its winter season Dec 22.