CHS Drama Club Takes Third at State


The last competition of a high school activity is always a bittersweet feeling. On one hand students finish something that they’ve spent time and energy on. On the other hand they have finished. State Drama was no different.

“It’s so weird that I won’t be going next year,” said senior Ellie Wooden, who has been to State three times. “I won’t hang out with the people I’ve met, and it’s kind of sad.”

The students who travelled to Casper earned an excellent rating in their Devised Theater piece (a piece written and performed by the team). Several were dissatisfied with their score, or more specifically, the score of other pieces.

“The piece that won Devised didn’t follow the rules of Devised,” said senior Ellie Wooden. “They had lighting changes and costumes and a plot line. They presented a  Proscenium as a Devised.”

This year’s state drama festival was focused more on lifting everyone to a new level. There were workshops, and students were discouraged from loitering around the Casper College campus.

The competition took place over three night and two days. Both nights students watched a musical put on by one of the other schools. The first night was Peter and the Starcatcher performed by Natrona County, and the second was Spamalot, a stage version of “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” by Thunder Basin.

“Spamalot wasn’t that great,” said sophomore Jake Sandvik. “There were some people that I liked in it but that’s it. However, I did have fun. My best friend was next to me and she comforted me in some of the spots.”

Students compete in several events at State Drama. There are group pieces such as Devised, Arena, and Proscenium, along with musical duets, monologues, and film.

Last year Cody High School Drama got first in the state for their Group Performance Art “Naked”. However, this year they failed to place.

“I know we did well this year,” said Wooden. ”There was a moment after we finished our performance this year that people in the audience were crying. Actors were crying and some of the judges were crying. I don’t think we could have asked for more.”

“I think we did well this year even though we didn’t place in Devised,” said Sandvik.

Cody took third in 3A after Worland and Torrington.