A Bad Boy Could Be Good For a Girl: Is This Book Harmful at CHS?

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A Bad Boy Could Be Good For a Girl: Is This Book Harmful at CHS?

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Possible censorship in Cody High School has become a topic of debate not only throughout the school, but in the community as well. The mother of a CHS student recently challenged the book “A Bad Boy Can be Good for a Girl” due to its sexual content.

It is district protocol for the school to give the parent a complaint form when a book is under scrutiny. The school then forms a committee to discuss how they will handle the situation and if the book will be banned. Every member on the committee is required to read the book.

“It’s policy to have five members on the committee, which ours did not,” Principal Jeremiah Johnston said, “and this caused the meeting to come to a stop.”

The committee policy CHS follows, KEC, is mainly for curricular books used in classes, but they still use the policy for the challenged book in this case. KEC is a policy that consists of not more than nine members, who may include:

-The superintendent will designate one building-level administrator.
-Three teachers designated by the superintendent.
-A non-voting member of the Subject Area Committee (SAC) may be designated by the superintendent to serve as a liaison to the committee.

Five parents/patrons, and five alternates will be selected by the Board of Trustees from an established group created annually through an application process to be formed in August.
Five members will constitute a quorum. Five votes in the affirmative are required to advance a recommendation.

A Complaint Committee is also formed when a challenge is made. If a public complaint is submitted on an existing resource using the KEC-E-2 form, the complaint committee will be convened within 15 school days.

If a public complaint is submitted on a resource considered for adoption, review of all the complaints submitted per form KEC-E-2 will be reviewed after the 45 day public comment period ends.

The new committee will have more members, which includes parents and community members. The next meeting has not been set yet.

“As a reading enthusiast, I don’t like to see options limited,” English teacher Sarah Gayman said. “I’m not sure how it will go. It’s kind of a slippery slope.”

“Everyone has a choice to read a book,” English teacher Jessica Purdum said. “If you censor for specifics, there’s going to be a long rubric.”

The book lit a wildfire of opinion from the Cody community.

Sheila Leach’s letter to the editor of the Cody Enterprise states, “The story is about sex in high schools. Apparently it is a rave hit with students. It purports to be a cautionary tale to protect girls from predators. The quality of the vocabulary is dubious and the book has no literary merit. The dialogue is vacuous. Is not the mission of our schools to assist families in raising children to be self-disciplined and wholesome? Parents would be well advised to contact the high school and ask to check out this book (it takes less than two hours to read). Pastors might want to follow suit.”