How Do You Hide a Hideous Hickey?

How Do You Hide a Hideous Hickey?

I was looking through a bunch of old CHS Equus copies and in 1991, the staff wrote a article about hiding hickeys. I thought it would be fun to see the new and interesting ways CHS students hide their hickeys:


How the 1990’s kids did  it…


“I don’t get them, I give them!”

  • Traci VanDeer


“Put toothpaste on it at night, put your hair down, and wear a turtleneck.”

  • Jenna Carlson


“Couldn’t tell ya. I haven’t been with anyone talented enough to give ‘em!”

  • Kari Hartman


“Why hide it? I’m proud of it!”

  • Kellie Cody


“Place your girlfriend’s mouth over it!”

  • Brandon Batsloff


So CHS, How do you Hide your Hideous Hickeys?


“If I had one I would call Caitlyn, or wear a turtleneck.”

  • Junior, Brissa Mata


“I’m really good at covering up other people’s. To be specific I use a green concealer, a yellow concealer, foundation, powder, another layer of foundation, another layer of powder, if it is really bad I use a flesh toned concealer in place of foundation.”

  • Senior, Caitlyn Murray


“I wear my priest collar.”

  • Mr. Riley


“I don’t hide them.”

  • Junior, Eric Bunker


“Hair down and make up, high collar.”

  • Senior, Alex Livingston


“Wear a really fat, ugly scarf.”

  • Senior, Nakoa Brown


“If I had a hickey I would find a wig, or cut my neck off, or say I got punched in the throat.”

  • Freshman, Vinny Catalano


“I would find a new body, or say Makayla pinched me.”

  • Sophomore, Sarah Smith


“Turtleneck, turtleneck, turtleneck, got to have one for each day of the week.”

  • Mr. Landerman


“I don’t hide them, I embrace them. I put a tattoo with it of the guys name each time I get a hickey and I tattoo the hickey so it is always there.”

  • Sophomore, Ariauna Andrews


“Don’t be getting around and you won’t get one.”

  • Sophomore, Madyson Mcbride


“I would just pull up my hoodie so it covered my neck.”

  • Sophomore, Russell Keegan



“I don’t wanna hide it, I want people to know I’m hot!”

  • Mr. Brinegar



“I get rid of them by rubbing a quarter on it.”

  • Senior, Matthew Skinner



“They are not noticeable because of my skin color.”

  • Senior, Braden Cerkan



  • Junior, Alexa Prosceno


“I put primer first, then concealer, then foundation, if that doesn’t work then halloween makeup from walmart.”

  • Junior, Rhiana Valenzuela



“Just put makeup over it or something… what if I wouldn’t hide it?”

  • Freshman, Torri Shutzman


“A cold spoon and a toothbrush, but it has to be a really soft toothbrush.”

  • Senior, Jordan Phillips