Broncs Crush Trailblazers, 20-0

Patty Brus


Cody High School felt vaguely like a ghost town Fri., Nov 10. More than half of the students were in Laramie at War Memorial Stadium for the 3A State football game against Torrington, where the Broncs won 20-0, claiming State for the second time in four years.

Families and friends of the players made the trip to watch them play. 24 CHS students rode a pep bus to Laramie, and still more drove themselves. Over 300 students were missing from school Friday.

“In the conference room of the hotel before the game,” junior Thomas Bower said, “Zach Lehman, a CHS graduate and active Marine, came in and gave us a pep talk which was basically ‘Play hard. Get a win.’”

It was scoreless first quarter, until a six yard run by sophomore Charlie Beaudrie put the Broncs on the scoreboard. After a field goal attempt by Torrington late in the second quarter, the Broncs went into the locker room leading 7-0.

In the third quarter, junior Jared Grenz ran a pass 79 yards along the sideline to the end zone.

In the fourth quarter, Beaudrie intercepted a pass on the four yard line and ran it back for a 96 yard touchdown. After a brief Torrington possession, Cody got the ball and ran down the clock.

“In the locker room everyone was quiet, just trying to get dialed in,” said junior wide receiver Wyatt Ehrhardt.

For some of the seniors it was a bittersweet experience.

“When I looked up at the scoreboard and saw that the game was over it was a mix of emotions,” said senior Matthew Skinner. “I was obviously happy that we won, but I was sad because there wouldn’t be anymore football, no more practices and bus rides and I will really miss it.”

The road to state wasn’t easy. The Broncs had to defeat Star Valley on their home turf. Star Valley had a 19 game winning streak going into the game. Midway into the second quarter, it appeared that Star Valley would increase that streak to 20. However, with several daring plays the Broncs struggled back to win 31-21.

“When we won against Star Valley I wasn’t surprised,” said junior Thomas Bower. “I was really happy but I knew we could.”

The football team is optimistic about next years team.

“We have a lot of talent coming up,” said Ehrhardt. “I think we will do very well next year.”