CHS Band Stampedes Across Buffalo Football Field


CHS Bronc Band and Color Guard March to Their Beat From left: sophomore Porter Laing, Junior Cindy Baumstark, Junior Spencer Stalcup

On most nighttime bus rides, it’s almost dead silent. Often people are tired and want to sleep; however, the CHS band’s bus ride home from buffalo on Thursday night was anything but quiet. Speakers were blaring music of all different genres throughout the bus, so silence was hard to come by. Even students who were dead set on sleep found themselves singing out of tune along to songs.

On Thursday, the CHS Bronc Band went to Buffalo to perform their marching show “Uprising” in front of judges for the first time. There were several bands from around the state, including Cody, Gillette, Buffalo and Wheatland. The judges were there to give the bands criticisms and advice before going to the state marching band festival in Casper Wyoming, on Oct. 14.

For many students it was their first time playing in front of judges. Freshman Garrett Nelson was nervous as he marched onto the field.

“It made me play better,” said Nelson. “I was very aware that we were judged and it made me try that much harder.”

The band only has one more practice before state marching on Saturday. They will focus mostly on cleaning up minor things before they travel to Casper. One of the critiques that the judges had for the CHS marching band was that often times the students weren’t marching at the same time.

“I noticed we weren’t in step a lot of the time,” said junior Kavan Johnston. “It’s definitely something to pay attention to going into state.”