Welcome to Wyoming: CHS Foreign Exchange Students


Sophomore Andrea Berntsen, senior Elisabetta Paganini and senior Lee Hyun Min are foreign exchange students during the 2017-2018 school year in Cody, Wyoming.

Berntsen is from Nødebo, Denmark. She’s still enrolled in Danish school in order to be able to graduate after she returns to her home country. She’s involved in dance at Rocky Mountain Dance School of the Arts and runs track as well. In addition to those activities she joined outdoor club at the beginning of the year.

“My favorite part of being in America is choosing my classes,” Berntsen said, “America is super cold, and I have a lot more homework. I’m very quiet and seem shy but I don’t see myself like that, America has pushed me to be more outgoing.”

Berntsen arrived in Cody in early July and plans to stay a full semester. “I miss Denmark because of my friends and the ocean,” said Berntsen.

Paganini is from Como, Italy.

“I’ve had a dream of following my sister’s footsteps since I was eight years old when she went on an exchange program to New York,” said Paganini.

She arrived in Cody Aug. 7 and plans to stay throughout the whole school year.

“It is challenging being here as a foreigner and without my friends and family,” Paganini said, “I’m from a big city it’s crazy for me to see how everyone knows each other in town.”

Some of Paganini’s hobbies are cooking, tubing, and spending time with her friends.

“People in America have different hobbies, here everything is outdoors,” Paganini said, “Where I live it’s very different.”

“I like the food the most about America so far,” Paganini said, “Also, students are more free here.”

Lee Hyun Min is from Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. He prefers to be called Noah while he’s in America. Noah plans to stay throughout the whole school year.

“American lifestyle is healthier, and that’s mostly why I applied for this program,” Lee said, “I like how the American minds think and I wanted to experience that.”

Lee is involved in cross country and enjoys camping. He plans to join more activities as the year progresses.

“I don’t miss Korea too much because I’m focused on being in America,” Lee said.

All three foreign exchange students are looking forward to meeting new people, learning about American culture, and make many memories.