Max’s Hair = $$$

Maxs Hair = $$$

Freshman Maxwell Peters thought of a unique way to raise money for his Boy Scout troop Wednesday, May 17th, and it all revolved around his moppy hair.

Peters’ fun and creative ideas on how to raise money for his troop have been a yearly tradition since he was young, and each year he has found a different way.

This year, Peters, whose hair hung almost to his chin, promised to get his hair cut in one of seven styles, depending on how much money was raised. $25 would get him a short cut; $50 would get him a bowl cut; $75 would get him a flat top; $100 would get him a mullet; $125 would get him a Mohawk; $150 would get him shaved bald; and anything at $175 or more would get him a Missionary cut.

The crowd responded by donating a total of $305 and buying Peters a Missionary style hair cut.

“I am glad I raised money, and I thought this was a good idea, but I will probably not do this type of fundraiser again,” Peters said.