Trimesters Would Be Good for CHS



Cody High School might have a trimester schedule during the 2017-2018 school year. As bad as a schedule change might sound, the trimester schedule will do more good than harm.

In the past eight years the trimester schedule has become more popular across the country. A few benefits of having the trimester schedule are:

  • CHS can offer more classes that were dropped this year such as Genocide Studies and AP Government.
  • Finals could be cut out completely and be incorporated into the class.
  • CHS could be picking up an ACT preparation class.

“I would hope that this will help kids take classes they want to take,” Jeremiah Johnston, CHS Principal, said.”


The idea of having a trimester came with the inevitable budget cuts to our educational system. The cuts make it harder for the school district to have as many teachers. The trimester system can compensate for the loss of teachers in the high school because it doesn’t take as many teachers to run a trimester schedule. Although the school district will have trouble getting it running smoothly the first few years, the trimester will have a positive impacts on students in the long run.

According to a study on a New Buffalo, New York school that switched to trimesters in 200, they had an increase on ACT scores throughout the school. The scores went from as low as 16.8 to 24.95 in just seven years of the new system. As soon as it was implemented, there was a steady growth that didn’t stop.

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Trimesters allow for students to have three credits in all core classes before Spring testing. This allows more time to study and get ready for the SAT and ACT.

“I would hope that this will help kids take classes they want to take,” Jeremiah Johnston, CHS Principal, said. He believes that the new trimester schedule will give students at CHS a better chance to take more classes. This is because electives will only be taken for one trimester out of the year for a half credit. This allows students to have more time for more classes.

The trimester system will increase grades and scores in Cody High School. It will give students more options in what they want to pursue. It is the best system right now and CHS should jump for the benefits it provides.