Popcorn Delivered Now

Popcorn Friday has been a tradition at Cody High School for over six years, but the Special Education (SPED) room decided to change things up this year.

Students used to go to the SPED room to order their popcorn and wait for it to be done, but the popcorn staff decided that to save students’ class time, they would deliver their popcorn.

Now, instead of students waiting in

Senior Sarah Leger fills popcorn bags for delivery.


line like they used to, teachers have a popcorn order form. They write down a class’s order, send it to room 202 with the teacher’s name and room number on it, and the popcorn staff will bring it to the class as soon as they can.

“I like the change. It is good that the kids in my class are getting the chance to have a job experience,” said SPED teacher Terri Stegelman.

“I like that there is not going to be a huge line waiting for the popcorn, and that they bring it to you,” said junior Samantha Gray.

Not only do the Popcorn Fridays help make money, they also give the Special Education students an opportunity to be out with their peers, and a chance to work on their communication skills.

The price for the popcorn is one dollar for a large bag, and 50 cents for a small bag.

Freshman Collin Christiansen delivers Friday Popcorn to freshman Kathryn Williams.

On an average Friday, CHS students buy 225 bags of popcorn, and the profit provides SPED students with funds for activities they enjoy and more supplies. Past funds also helped start a paper shredding operation that gives the SPED students even more work experience.

Roughly 150 pounds of popcorn, and three gallons of oil are used in one Friday, and “there is not an exact amount, but we use a lot of popcorn flavouring too,” said Stegelman.

This year the popcorn staff added two new flavors, Ranch and Churro, to their original flavors, white cheddar, pizza, hot and spicy, BBQ, cheese works, and plain.

“I think its nice that you don’t have to go out and get it and you can continue to work on whatever assignment you’re working on,” said junior Kaitlynn Parker.