Safe2tell Wyoming Available Now


According to, in 81 percent of school shootings at least one other person knew of the perpetrator’s intent and failed to notify proper authorities. Using this website now offers Wyoming schools the ability to identify students who are struggling emotionally and aims to prevent violence and other problems.

Students, parents and teachers across Wyoming now have this tool to anonymously report their concerns since the State of Wyoming, with mental health professionals and school districts, developed the program.

“It’s a good program, especially as it relates to the students,” CHS resource officer Justin Dollard said.

All tips are confidential and are forwarded to school officials and law enforcement year around and are answered by trained communication professionals as soon as they are received. may be downloaded as a mobile application.

The mission of the program is to ensure every Wyoming student, parent and teacher a safe and confidential way to report any concerns to their own safety or the safety of others. The key benefits of the Safe2Tell app are that it can prevent incidents before they happen and that it can potentially save a life.

Though still new to CHS, the program has been active.

“Within one week we have already gotten tips,” CHS Vice Principal Mrs. Blatt said.

One problem is that someone might use the program just to start trouble for another student; however, safeguards exist in the program to filter out troublesome behavior.

“It can be a powerful tool if used correctly,” Dr. Daniel Cossaboon, school psychologist, said.