Wear a band. Change a life.

By Jessica Morales January 23, 2017

The Yuda Band Project is coming to Cody beginning on Wednesday January 25. Yuda Bands gives a gift to smart and ambitious youth living in extreme poverty. CHS Student Council has “adopted” Rian, a 13 year old from Zimbabwe. The proceeds will help him continue his education.

Rian Mukaro is a student at Mkoba 4 Primary School. His parents passed away in 2012 and he lives with his widowed grandmother. Because Rian’s grandmother is unable to work, they survive on handouts. Without the help from Yuda Bands, Rian would be incapable of attending school. He loves playing soccer and dreams of becoming a pilot. He needs a minimum of 520 bands sold to obtain an education.

The bands will be sold at the beginning of school, lunch, and after school. They are also being sold around the community at
The Beta, Love’s Gifts and Other Things, Legends Bookstore, Sunlight Sports, The Thistle, and Rawhide Coffee. Each band is $7. The Yuda bands are handmade by individuals in third world countries like Guatemala and Nigeria. They are made of leather, coconut, and string. The fundraiser will go from January 25 to February 8.

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