Extreme Weather Impacts Park 6 Schools


Due to extreme snowfall this winter, Cody Schools have had to close three days so far

Since the school district has to make up every day they close school due to weather, they have to take many things into consideration before they decide to call for a snow day.

“Snow days are all dictated by the Transportation Supervisor and the Superintendent,” says Cody High School Principal Jeremiah Johnston. Snow days are called due to “either extreme cold or enough snow that has blown across roads that it would make it difficult for buses to travel.”

Assistant Superintendent Tim Foley sent out an email January 11th asking teachers for their input as to where to add the makeup days into the school calendar. The first option adds all makeup days onto the end of the school year. The second option reclaims the last day of Spring Break and adds the other two days to the end of the school year. The last option eliminates one inservice day and adds the other two days to the end of the school year.  

“I think most staff members want kids to be done before Memorial Day,” said Johnston.

With today’s storm, there was talk of ending the school day early.

“Canceling school early is very difficult because of Elementaries, and getting the Elementary kids reunited with parents isn’t always easy,” Johnston said. If closing school early needs to be considered, the school district looks at the weather forecast for the rest of the day to see if the storm is going to subside.

The snow continues to fall here in Cody, Wyoming, along with students’ hopes for no more snow days.