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Mamma Mia Features PCSD6 Students and Staff

 If you happened to make it to one of three performances of Cody Community Theatre’s (CCT) production of Mamma Mia! last weekend, you might have noticed some familiar faces. Among various community members and a plethora of Park County School District #6 (PCSD6) alumni, the stage was also laden with...

Beauty in Washington

By Cheyenne Hume   This summer I traveled two thousand miles Boarded three planes and Landed in Washington DC.   I was greeted by 50 smiling free-spirited faces That made me feel at home.   Despite being surrounded by Others just like me I...

Teens, Technology and Transformation

Keeping Up with Technology By: Luke Campbell Generation Z, or iGen, is one of the most diverse generations in human history. They are diverse racially, sexually, religiously and experience wise. Gen. Z has experienced one of the most impressive technological booms in history. In their lifespans technology...

Freshman Start From Scratch

  Finding classes. Where to hang out in the mall. New teachers. New hallways. Off-campus lunch. Every year there are many things that new freshman have to get use to during their first few weeks of high school. Adjusting to high school from middle school can be a challenge for many freshman,...

CHS Students Gain Valuable Work Ethic Through Job Opportunities

Tired of eating school lunches? Wish you had some extra cash to go out to your favorite fast food place? Many students in Cody High School remain without jobs, and lack work ethic. “The sooner they learn work ethic the better,” expressed Allan Shotts. Shotts has been teaching students...

Sydney Polmajzl: Life Affected By Fibular Hemimelia

High school is a hard stage in life for everyone. For students, this is a time to find friends, know where they fit in, and decide where to go in the future. For CHS senior Sydney Pomajzl, fitting in was just another task to tackle as a student, except she had to do it with a missing limb. Pomajzl was...

Cody Lacks Outlets for Substance Abusing Teens
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Cody Lacks Outlets for Substance Abusing Teens
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The Student News Site of Cody High School
The Student News Site of Cody High School