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Where Snow Lacks, A Paintbrush is Needed

She is a familiar face at Cody High School and on the slopes, where she would prefer to relish in her time; however, it being that the drive to the nearest ski resort is unfavorably long, she fills her hours with art instead.  Marie Dominick is most commonly known to the student body as M.E., a nickname...

A Dancer all Grown up

Most kids learn to walk at a young age. For Senior Emily Cole it was learning to dance. Cole has lived in Cody basically all of her life, and she’s danced basically all of her life as well.  While Cole participates in a number of school activities such as Change Attitudes Now, Teen Leadership Coalition,...

The Outbreaking Origin of the Daily Doorman

In high school, in this day and age, positivity can be hard to come by.  Several students at Cody High School have recently been followed by the Instagram account thedailydoorman. The account is a positivity/motivation page meant to make people encouraged and smile curated by HMA senior Logan Matthew...

Conducting Cody High School’s Band

You’re at a football game. All around you energy abounds.  The crowd is cheering. The players are crushing it. Everyone feels invincible. But what’s the unseen driving force behind this energy? The band playing fiercely.  The band doesn’t just play at basketball games or concerts. From summer...

A FRESH Perspective

Freshmen are finding classes to be challenging and like the individuality the schedule has to offer, but they aren’t necessarily enjoying the classes that are required. Couple this with getting made fun of, receiving four homework assignments on the same night, and being required to pass classes...

From Resident Evil to Rohypnol

Ever wonder how a college student could go from playing games such as Resident Evil, Dungeons and Dragons, Fallout, and Exploding Kittens to mixing up complicated scientific compounds such as Carboxymethylcellulose, and Rohypnol. New science teacher Sean McAndrews, father of two and grandfather of...

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Where Snow Lacks, A Paintbrush is Needed
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The Student News Site of Cody High School