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A FRESH Perspective

Freshmen are finding classes to be challenging and like the individuality the schedule has to offer, but they aren’t necessarily enjoying the classes that are required. Couple this with getting made fun of, receiving four homework assignments on the same night, and being required to pass classes...

From Resident Evil to Rohypnol

Ever wonder how a college student could go from playing games such as Resident Evil, Dungeons and Dragons, Fallout, and Exploding Kittens to mixing up complicated scientific compounds such as Carboxymethylcellulose, and Rohypnol. New science teacher Sean McAndrews, father of two and grandfather of...

Dustin Nichols Makes Money in a Unique Way

He plays games and makes money while doing it.  Sophomore Dustin Nichols challenges players in online video games like Rainbow Six Siege, Fortnite, Minecraft, CS-Go and Apex: Legends and streams on a website known as Twitch while doing it. Anyone can watch him play the game live.  “When I started...

Wake. Run. Repeat.

Senior Owen Preston logs 40 plus miles a week, but this is not by car.  His dedication to the grueling sport that is cross country became apparent at a very young age. Preston began to recognize his running talents during his fourth and fifth grade years, and he truly utilized them in sixth grade...

New Librarian at CHS

Behind the desk at the library sits a familiar face to most students. Mrs. Mcleod, the Academic Librarian, may have helped in checking a book out.    McLeod worked for the past seven years at the Livingston School Library. “I was ready for a change,” she said. “ I just had many different...

Fourth Try For Spring Musical

Annamarie Victor and Bethany Sandvik are taking over the drama department for the spring musical. This is the fourth attempt at a spring production for the CHS Drama club. Originally, the musical was going to be "Zombie Prom," but was changed before casting due to mature themes like suicide. The second...

What if we led a Trump cheer at a Holocaust Assembly… I’M JOKING I’M JOKING…. Unless
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